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Veek Testers 

About the company

Veek is a Mobtech with a proposal to watch ads in exchange for free internet. The proposal aims to make telecommunication services democratic and accessible to everyone.

UX Research 
 8 Weeks 
Figma  | Adobe Illustrator | Google Forms 

Project Overview

The Veek Testers project was created to expand the UX culture within the company. It aims to encourage research and usability tests to validate hypotheses and develop new products and features that are truly useful for our customers.

When we started working at Veek, we noticed that our customers were already an active social media community. They expressed their issues related to Veek and the services offered on a daily basis. We saw this engagement as an opportunity to improve our research work during sprints and bring customers closer to the process of creating new products and features.

The sense of community and the possibility of offering an attractive and useful reward to our customers motivated us to develop a project that not only created a user base for our interviews and usability tests, but also a community. We wanted our customers to know that their participation would contribute to the future of the company. Their opinions, ideas, or criticisms were truly being listened to and applied in the development and improvement of the services and products that we offer.

Project Introduction

Veek Testers is a community of Veek users who are passionate about the brand and want to contribute to the mobile technology revolution. Community participants are the first to know what's new and participate in research and usability testing of our app, website, and all products that may be released.

Veek seeks to create inclusive products for everyone. To do that, it is important to receive feedback from our users, collect information, and ensure the best experience.


We have created a form that includes essential questions to assist us in determining the most suitable UX test or survey for each individual profile. This form will expedite and streamline the test selection process.


With the VeekTesters project live, we experienced a high demand for applications. After leaving the application form open for 48 hours, we received 905 completed applications. This equates to approximately an 8% conversion rate of the entire base.

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Knowing the high cost generated by usability tests, we evaluated that the best reward for our testers should be something useful for our current customers and economically viable for the company itself. We chose to offer 1 Gigacoin (equivalent to 1 Giga of internet) as a reward. This product is a service we offer, it is useful for all users, attractive enough to attract participants, and economically viable for the company's budget.

Research Methods

Usability tests: In this type of study, we collect feedback in a session conducted by a mediator and an observer, where we ask the user to share their device screen and interact with the prototype throughout the test. Average duration: between 15/30 minutes.

Interviews: It is a type of study that works through a video call, with one of our researchers, where he will ask you some questions and listen to your feedback. Average duration: 15 minutes.

Surveys: This type of study is through a survey form to be filled in by users.

Card Sorting: This method is used to help design or evaluate the information architecture of a site In a card sorting session, participants organize topics into categories that make sense to them and they may also help you label these groups.


After implementing the Veek testers project, the rate of absence or cancellation of participation in usability testing decreased from 70% to 25%.

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