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I am an innovative Product Designer who truly believes that simplicity is the key to achieving the best user experience.

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Teleblock by Veek Brands.


The project aims to establish partnerships with brands from various sectors, such as football teams, technology companies, and even public entities like governments and municipalities. Through this partnership, the brand will have a fully customized version of our application, allowing them to offer VeekCHIP to their audience, promote their brand, and establish their presence in the users' daily lives. 

Veek Web APP

A new checkout experience!

This project involves completely revamping the checkout process for Veek Products, with a key focus on redesigning to create a new and vibrant brand identity. The main goal is to create a unified design system that smoothly adapts to different devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

We've crafted a brand-new Design System for our WebApp, aiming for consistency and responsiveness across the board.

Veek Testers

Veek Tester is a UX Research project developed for the Startup Veek. 

Veek Testers is a community of Veek users who are passionate about the brand and want to contribute to the mobile technology revolution. Community participants are the first to know what's new and participate in research and usability testing of our app, website, and all products that may be released.

Chaaama Poker Team

Chaaama is a specialized poker team focused on Texas Hold'em tournaments.


I led the development of our team's brand identity, managed social media accounts, and established a strong online presence. I also created personas, user flows, sketches, wireframes, and a prototype. 


Adote is the project of a digital platform developed to assist in the process of adopting animals.

Adote! offers educational support to help new adopters with the adaptation of animals in their new home. This is a study case project developed for the elaboration of a portfolio. It lasted 8 weeks and is an individual work for the purpose of studying and developing UX Research, Design, and Interface skills.


The Redesign project of the Cryptogame Evoverse was developed for my post-graduation final project. 


This project aims to develop a Design System and perform a complete redesign of the official website for the EVOVERSE gaming platform. The purpose is to address aesthetic issues related to the basic principles of image composition and focus on creating a user-centered design.

About Me 

I'm a Brazilian designer who frequently attends rock concerts, adores pets, and enjoys traveling in the meantime.


As a graduate in Cinema - Audiovisual, I firmly believe in the importance of storytelling in building meaningful narratives and developing cohesive and valuable products. Drawing from my background, I bring a unique perspective to product design, leveraging the power of storytelling techniques to create compelling user experiences.

My ultimate objective is to develop products and functionalities that effectively address real problems for customers and users. In doing so, I always prioritize critical factors such as business viability, usability, and accessibility.

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